Aprilia rs 50 derestriction

Also can I buy a different ECU for the bike that's unrestricted and if so where from? This stupid question is asked daily, and the response is always the same - it will ruin the running, it will make a lot of noise, it will get you pulled and fined and the bike seized, your insurance will be deemed invalid, and you will receive a ban and then your insurance will become something you cannot possibly afford. Leave your little bike the funk alone - it's SO not worth it.

You will be able to ride a soon enough - your time on a 50 is time you SHOULD be spending learning that LAWS are there to be obeyed, and that as a sc00terist, you are at the bottom of the f00d-chain on the road anyway. Use it for what it is, and then sell it on. Did You try typing 'how to derestrict an aprilia sr50r' into google or yahoo?

Aprilia RS50

Try that, then try typing 'ECU for derestricted aprilia sr50r'. Oh yeah, keep some funds for the rushing value tag you will ultimately get. Ignoring the "wtf would you want to even try?

aprilia rs 50 derestriction

Answer Save. Clear enough? Not Y3K Compliant Lv 6. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. David Lv 6. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.The Aprilia RS50 is a sport moped made by Aprilia. The new model, made sinceuses a single cylinder two-stroke aluminium cylinder block, liquid cooled The bike is popular in countries that have restrictions on motorcycle engine size at specific ages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons.Hey guys I'm 16 years old and getting a new bike soon. What's are the pros and cons of these two bikes, I personally prefer rs4 50 looks but does the Rs 50 perform better? Also I've looked around the internet and haven't came across any rs4 50 after market parts, bore kits, exhaust etc.

Do they not make any for this bike? If you have your heart set on one of the two, look on some of the owners forums and look for their opinion as they're the people who have ridden them. My honest advice would be to buy something cheaper and bank the money ready for when you turn 17 so you can get a nice big bike! There's so many problems with buying a brand new bike, depreciation being the biggest one and if it's your first bike do you really want something fully faired?

If you drop it or lose it, it's only more money to sort it out after! You're looking at after market performance upgrades for speed? Go for an older rs The one i was looking at had aboit 15, miles on it and had had a full top end fitted at 14, Near 3k for a new un aint worth it for a bike you'll have a year or less.

If you want [snigger] 'fast' anything built beforebecause they are restriction exempt. I'd get a Honda C Where Do U start? Oh how about Tef, a young bloke gets something me may enjoy riding and he thinks is cool? Nai wrote: Oh how about Tef, a young bloke gets something me may enjoy riding and he thinks is cool? Up to now the advice as been "save up for your tests as soon as you hit 17", but that boat has sailed. It really doesn't matter what 16 year olds do now, they'll still be stuck on a until they're OP, get whatever you can find within your budget.

Just do take on board Tef's point that if you fettle it to do more than your provisional license allows, then you really might as well just ride a or larger bike. You're as we'll getting something you're going to enjoy, as long as you're aware of the financial folly depreciation involved. I have purchased a second hand RS4 50cc and have been riding for over 2 months, but after it has recently been through its MOT it seems to be playing up.

When I get up to 25mph and give the bike more throttle the bike keeps jolting and the power is intermittently restricted when I reach that speed.I am getting a lot of people asking me, if their scooter has a restricted CDI, how to check if it is restricted and how to derestrict it.

To get one thing straight: Only 50cc scooters have a restricted CDI. I have never heard of a bigger engine model with a restricted CDI which is being shipped like that if you know please leave a comment. Tho, keep in mind that there might be an additional third party restriction installed to allow for riding your scooter model with a certain license. Whilst in my early years of scooter tuning all restrictions were mechanical, the restricted CDI only became popular in the last ten years or so.

This leads us to the next question. Whilst most of you are probably hoping that the CDI can simply be derestricted MacGyver style by cutting a wire, I have to disappoint. You can find it in our new shop. We are shipping worldwide!

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Check out the New TuningMatters. You have anything to say? Are you familiar with them? You have any details? In general chances are high that it has a Minarelli engine clone in it. If thats the case theres heaps of parts! Nsc cdi fits and do slight work on the exhaust it restricted.

Cdi increases. About rpm more I gona try crf cdi they rev out to rpm not tried yet pends how much it costs or a cbf pgmfi. I have a aerox 4 stroke 50cc and cannot find a way around the restricted cdi unit,does anyone know of ways around it or aftermarket cdis for this model? The Aerox has a physical restrictor in the form of a washer in the front pulley which stop the two sides closing together and increasing the radius of the pulley.

If you remove this washer plenty of guides on the internet the variator can close up, form a larger pulley and have better gearing for speed when the engine output is at higher revs. Hi daniel, first and most thank for all the information given, very helpful. I just bought a honda nsc50r similar to the vision model.

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It is a 50cc 4t and it is CDI Restrited!!! A nightmare!!!! The CDI is a black box with 33 pins and i have expended sooooo much time trying to get a derestricted one online but there is nothing out there!!!Derestricting a Euro4 Piaggio 50cc 2-Stroke Scooter This blog details how to derestrict the newer Euro4 versions of the Piaggio 50cc 2-stroke scooters, additionally allowing further tuning possibilities.

In contrast to their 4-stroke counterparts, 2-stroke scooter engines can be easily and cheaply tuned to see a very significant increase in power. This is of course because 2 strokes are noisy, smelly and much less efficient than the 4-strokes and manufacturers have found it increasingly impossible to make them comply with ever more stringent European emissions regulations. In order to comply with strict Euro 4 emission regulations the last version of the Piaggio 50cc 2-stroke engine features a new 'electronic carb'.

This incorporates an electronic air addition system: A pipe going into the carburettor allows air to be drawn into the carb, the extra air leans the fuel mixture at certain times subsequently reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy. A bike with a leaner fuel mixture of course uses less fuel in proportion to oxygen and in theory the additional oxygen content is said also to help burn off any unburnt fuel in the exhaust.

From an emissions perspective the introduction of fresh air into the flow can certainly make the exhaust gases appear more dilute when measured. This comes at a cost though, a lean mixture can cause the piston to run hot This is an especially high risk with tuned engines that run lean.

This is satisfactory on our standard restricted Piaggio Typhoon, but the risk of seizure becomes high when you start to derestrict or modify it and it needs to be removed or disabled if you are planning on doing any tuning work.

Step 1: Removing the air addition circuit. This new air circuit makes the bike run too lean when derestricted; in order to properly derestrict or even begin to tune the scooter we need to remove this system.

There are a couple of options to disable the system:. The next restriction that needs to be removed is in the variator. Previously Piaggio fitted a removeable ring which could simply be removed from the variator bush but now this is incorporated as part of the bush.

The restrictor ring or restricted bush works by blocking the variator in the scooters transmission from fully moving out, preventing the scooter from ever getting into its top gear ratio, this is like removing 4th and 5th gear on a car.

How to Derestrict Euro4 Piaggio Typhoon 50cc 2-Stroke Scooter

When the variator can no longer change gear ratio the only way for the road speed to increase is for the engine speed to increase. Removing the restrictor allows for higher top speeds without the engine over-revving. Consequently it is much safer for the engine to run at 30mph when derestricted rather than 30mph when restricted because the engine will be running at lower revs as it was originally designed to do so!

Step 2: Removing the variator restrictor. The variator restrictor makes the scooter over-rev at higher road speeds; as the revs get higher and higher the scooter makes less and less power which in turn limits the top speed.

Think trying to go mph in a car without using 4th or 5th gear. In order to achieve the scooters full top speed this therefore needs to be removed. You have a couple of options you can do:. Once we have removed the additional air system and variator restrictor we are 'derestricted', the scooter will now go significantly over 40mph comfortably.

At this point we are now free to explore further tuning options like fitting a sports exhaust.

aprilia rs 50 derestriction

Step 3: Fitting a power pipe. Now we have derestricted the Typhoon we are able to exploit power pipes sports exhausts and other tuning options. A Leo Vince TT is a basic budget sports pipe which will almost double the hp compared to the standard Piaggio exhaust.

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When fitting a powerpipe it is necessary to rejet increase the size of the main jet in the carb and also to fit lighter rollers to enable the variator to operate at slightly higher rpm than standard. The Leo Vince TT exhaust typically requires rollers approx 1. Out of dyno runs, 98 of them will end up with a size 68 jet.Original Poster. Dr Doofenshmirtz. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Aprilia RS4 50 De-restriction. Topcat60 Original Poster 1 posts months.

Hi, I would like to de-restrict a Aprilia RS4 50 moped and would like some advice on how to do this. I am also aware you can replace the exhaust complete, replace the CDI and replace the reed valve. Any advice welcome particularly if someone out there has already done this successfully to the same model of bike.

Save your money and buy a once 17keep it looked after and you should get a good price for it. MoggieMinor posts months. Decent RSs fetch good money, most have been well ragged though.

How do you de-restrict an aprilia sr 50 r?

Turkish91 posts months. Assuming it's similar to the older models, there will be a welded in "washer" in the very opening of the exhaust expansion chamber and it will need re-jetting.

You're best off buying a performance exhaust in the first place though as they do work well, and saves you having to get it re-jetted again if you decided to get one later on. Also worth considering the sprocket set up, as you might find even once derestricted it will probably only top out at 45mph or so.

And lastly if you're only 16, don't be getting caught! Yabu 1, posts months. It won't be a waste of money.

A de-restricted 50cc will be much more desirable to most potential buyers. Pothole 30, posts months. OP, feel free to open whatever can of worms you'd like to.

aprilia rs 50 derestriction

We've all done it, before the rest of this bunch turned into pipe and slippers grandad mofos! WaferThinHam 1, posts 88 months. Unless you're handy with your spanners, or your dad is I wouldn't bother. It can potentially lead to lots of issues if you don't know what you're doing.

If you know what you're doing it'll be absolutely fine, but the way you've said about "trial and error" to set it up in your above post leads me to think you need to do more research. It used to be the case that you would fit a race exhaust, derestricted CDI, and a larger carb and you were good to go.

I've no doubt the information is out there, I just don't know what it is for the new ones. PapaJohns 1, posts months. I made the mistake of buying the RS50' when I should of bought the This thread restores my faith in the yoof of today Everyone who is 16 and riding a bike surely wants it to go faster?

Making a 50cc "moped" ie restricted into a 50cc motorcycle by derestricting it potentially leaves a can of worms ready to be opened, whilst I agree that there are certain people that would like a derestricted one, it will put others off, well some parents. That's why we all preferred Honda Cubs Dr Doofenshmirtz 12, posts months.Hi, I have bought a Aprilia SX50 and it is still restricted. I have taken out the washers in the exhaust. And I believe the extra pipe coming off the exhaust that doesnt go anywhere also restricts this?

Is there any other restrictor in the bike somewhere? Thanks in advance. What sort of speed is it topping out at mate?

Aprilia SR50 ECU derestriction

If its then its fully de restricted. I have a friend with the standard exhaust and no new air filter or anything like that and his aprilia does 60? I also understand that its the same engine as the derbi's which do 60?

They will easy tell you they do 60, but only ever a real 60 after some proper mods. Do a google on the SX50 and find out any common restrictions first. Chances are you will need a new downpipe to derestrict this bike because it is such a late bike it will have a catalytic conveter fitted for emmisions.

aprilia rs 50 derestriction

Hey i have just bought a aprilla sx 50 need a easy step by step guide how how to de restrict it and the easy possible way Thanks. Please go on just for once enlighten me as to why it's such a great thing to do to drag up on post on a 5,7,10 year old thread? What's the considerable logic behind it? Did you search internetz and find a thread on here from all those years ago, and then sign up just to post on it? Is this what happens over and over again?

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Not his gay bum boy mate by any chance are you? Join a forum to be part of it, not just to get an answer to a question posted 10years ago, because your too much of a thick fuckwit to fix your bike. I'm going to love this! What a pair of fucking retards that can't fix a broken moped.

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